WEEKLY WIRE: 10 Must-Read Education Stories – 6.24.22

A Win for School Choice at the Supreme Court, Proposed Changes to Title IX Unveiled, Charter Students Outpace District Peers and More
Photo: Jarek Tuszyński/Wikimedia Commons

10. Merit-Based Admissions System Returns to Elite San Francisco High School

After nearly two years of intense and bitter debate, test scores and grades will once again determine which San Francisco students are admitted to Lowell High School after the city’s school board decided to return to the merit-based admission system Wednesday. Read Now

9. Uvalde Mayor to Demolish Robb Elementary Following Tragic School Shooting

The Mayor of Uvalde, Texas announced the planned demolition of Robb Elementary earlier this week following the tragic school shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead last month. Read Now

8. Florida School Administrators Kept Ransomware Details Secret — Then Used Them for Private Business

Former Broward Superintendent Robert Runcie helped write a report for a private company about how his school district responded to crisis situations, revealing details about a ransomware attack that the district had repeatedly refused to share with the public. Read Now

7. Iowa Parents Can Now Enroll Kids in Any Public School Regardless of Where They Live at Any Point Throughout the Year

The change takes effect immediately, meaning families no longer need to give a reason to send their student to a new district anytime throughout the year as long as the new district accepts them. Read Now

6. Poll Reveals 82% of Parents Would Cross Party Lines if Education Platform Aligns With Their Views

New data suggests education could become a single voter issue among parents, regardless of political party affiliation. Education will likely be an issue of significance in upcoming elections this fall. Read Now

5. New Jersey Teachers Union Donates $750,000 to Another Political Dark Money Group Tied to Governor

The state’s largest teachers union donated $750,000 to a nonprofit tied to Gov. Phil Murphy called Stronger Fairer Forward, a dark money group that recently launched a $2 million ad campaign boosting the governor’s platform. Read Now

4. Indy Charter Students Learned Equivalent of 116 More Days of Instruction in Math Compared to District Peers

Black charter school students had even bigger gains, with 86 more days in reading and 144 days in math relative to Black students in district schools. Read Now

3. New York Teachers Union Spent Millions on Debt and Politics in 2021

Union watchdog Americans for Fair Treatment’s (AFFT) annual fiscal review of the New York State Unified Teachers’ (NYUST), who represent more than 600,000 of the state’s educators, revealed tens of millions of dollars spent on debt and lobbying activities. Read Now

2. U.S Education Department Unveils Proposed Changes to Title IX, Expanding Protections to Include ‘Sexual Orientation’ and ‘Gender Identity’

The agency’s new proposed rule doesn’t address how the federal education law that prohibits sex-based discrimination would apply to athletics. Read Now

1. U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Maine Policy That Barred Religious Schools From Tuition Program

The Supreme Court on Tuesday struck down a Maine education policy that made K-12 schools with religious instruction ineligible for taxpayer-backed tuition aid, continuing the conservative majority court’s general trend of ruling for religious interests. Read Now

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