Sean-Michael Pigeon On “Don't Blame The Tests”

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Sean-Michael Pigeon, Young Voices Contributor and Yale University student, joins Jeremy to discuss his recent USA Today op-ed, "Don't Blame the Tests: Getting Rid of Standardized Testing Means Punishing the Poor." He discusses studies over the past decade which examined score disparities in relation to socio-economic status and led to public questions concerning higher education access—ultimately, the current social moment deems standardized tests as a driver of systemic unfairness. Sean-Michael discusses this movement as promoting equity by attacking "academic sorting." He notes that school districts across the country are eliminating advanced learning classes and traditional A-F grading systems in an effort to reduce unequal outcomes, but are in effect eliminating opportunities for marginalized communities to showcase their talent. He argues that this approach will only exacerbate the ability of the wealthy and well-connected to dominate academic systems.

Host Jeremy Tate @JeremyTate41
Guest Sean-Michael Pigeon @pigeon_sean
USA Today: Don't Blame The Tests

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