10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

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10. Lawsuits Seek to Block School Choice Ballot Initiatives in Nevada

Beverly Rogers and Rory Reid, who serve as chair and chief executive officer, respectively, of The Rogers Foundation, filed the lawsuits Tuesday in Carson City District Court in a bid to shut down what they describe as “a voucher scheme that hurts public schools, promotes discrimination and ignores accountability.” Read Now

9. Two California Assistant Principals Arrested for Ignoring Multiple Alleged Sex Assaults on Campus

Prosecutors said David Shenhan Yang, 38, and Natasha Harris, 37, both assistant principals of Carter High School, knew at least two girls were assaulted by the same male student. Read Now

8. West Virginia Supreme Court Lifts Temporary Blockage of Charter Schools

The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals voted on Thursday that charter schools in the state can continue as planned for now. Read Now

7. Florida Lawmakers Want to Radically Overhaul Virtual Education, Limiting Options for Students

Florida law requires school districts to provide virtual course options for their students. This proposal would force them to look elsewhere for materials that meet state standards — potentially at a greater cost than what they are spending now. Read Now

6. New York City School Weapons Recoveries Have Skyrocketed by 80% This Academic Year

Student weapons busts have skyrocketed by 80 percent compared to pre-pandemic levels, according to startling new NYPD data. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

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POINER: The Hypocrisy of School Districts Saying They’re ‘Open to All’

While they don’t require an application, they do require proof of residency. And instead of tuition, they require payment in the form of a hefty mortgage and property taxes, or sky-high rent, a price tag that’s often far out of the reach of low- and middle-income families. Read Now

5. Maryland Democrats Propose ‘Advisory Council’ to Collect Data on Homeschoolers

Maryland state delegates drafted legislation to create an “advisory council” that would “gather information” on the needs of homeschool parents, schools and students. Read Now

4. Georgia Republicans Claim They Killed a School Choice Bill Because They Were Offended by a Mail Flyer Campaign

Just days after the American Federation for Children financed the mailers in at least 16 Republican-controlled legislative districts, House Speaker David Ralston told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the voucher proposal the group sought to pass is dead for the year. Read Now

3. Michigan District Compiled Dossier on Parents Who Criticized School Policies, Reported Social Media Posts to Employers

Rochester Community School officials were sued for compiling a dossier on parents who commented negatively on the school’s virtual learning policy. One official even called a parent’s employer, which possibly resulted in the parent’s termination. Read Now

2. Washington State Tells Teachers to Hide Student Gender Transitions From Parents

A policy in Washington state requires teachers to conceal students’ gender transitions from their parents unless the student gives the green light for their parents to know. Read Now

1. Taxpayer-Funded Federal Program Trains Teachers in Critical Race Theory

Newly uncovered federal grant documents show that the U.S. Department of Education awarded roughly $2.5 million in taxpayer dollars to a Florida-based education program that trains future teachers and other professionals in, among other things, critical race theory. Read Now

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