BREAKING: School Choice Opponent Caught Lying on ‘The Majority Report’

Job Hale on 'The Majority Report'
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Jon Hale is a professor of education at the College of Charleston, having undergone hundreds of hours of advanced statistical training, certainly expected to understand data and analysis of assessments and performance. 

Unfortunately, professor Hale has taken it upon himself to disregard this training and instead spend his recent career targeting the school choice movement and its affiliates in the United States. Hale’s newest book proclaims that the history of school choice is also a history of racism. In addition, he has opposed expanding parental choice at every possible opportunity, and he recently compared the movement to ban the teaching of critical race theory to the early 20th century movement to ban the teaching of macro-evolution.

Regardless of the numerous inaccuracies of his previous claims, Hale has taken the opportunity of his latest appearance to spread blatant misinformation in efforts to delegitimize private and charter schools. 

In the Aug. 24th edition of The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder, which has 1.15 million subscribers on YouTube as of Sept. 7, Hale cited data stipulating that 44% of students attending charter schools made more academic progress than their traditional public school counterparts (TPS). 

In his further explanation, he claims that the 44% number entails 56% of students are not being adequately served by charter schools. 

Hale didn’t cite his source on the show, but referenced CREDO’s 2015 study comparing the performances of charter schools and TPS in 41 urban districts around the country. CREDO confirmed Hale’s initial claim, finding that ~43% of charter students saw greater academic improvement than students attending TPS. 

The latter portion of Hale’s claims weren’t supported by CREDO in any sense. Of the remaining 57%, they found that 33% of charter students surveyed saw about the same amount of progress as TPS students.

That means that only less than a quarter of the charter student population was not being adequately served. 76% of the population was improving at least as much, if not more than TPS students. It also suggests that Hale blatantly lied in his continual efforts to slander private, charter, and other choice programs.

Hale’s lies and subsequent rants are made more concerning when considering the show Hale was invited to speak on. In the wide world of internet talk shows, The Majority Report garners over a million active subscribers, and this particular stream has been viewed by nearly 28,000 people as of Sept. 7th. 

In a time where the debate over school choice, its policies, and its effects on families and communities around the countries is at the center of so many conversations in state houses and legislatures, deliberate misinformation is especially heinous—especially when the individual speaking is masquerading as a “subject matter expert”. 

Omitting the truth is often a necessary condition for blocking education choice movements. As such, choice deniers like Hale seem to be taking every opportunity to misreport and misrepresent data to suit their political and economic interests. 

There have been no retractions yet from The Majority Report team, nor has Hale provided clarification or explanation for his dishonest remarks to the large audience. YouTube has specific guidelines outlining blatant misinformation and misrepresentation, and how those policies correlate with the monetization of such videos.

In a world where many throw out numbers from half-baked attempts at reading academic studies, it pays to double-check the sources of those you hear in the media. Otherwise, you might find your argument going to Hale in a handbasket.

Garion Frankel
Garion Frankel is a graduate student at Texas A&M University’s Bush School of Government and Public Service with a concentration in education policy and management. He is a Young Voices contributor, and Chalkboard Review’s breaking news reporter.