Robert Sternberg: The Power of 'Adaptive Intelligence'

From global health crises to climate change, today’s students and future generations will face a cascade of unprecedented challenges and threats, requiring new modes of thinking and problem-solving.

In a new article in Phi Delta Kappan Magazine, renowned psychologist and Cornell University Professor Robert Sternberg questions our traditional approach to testing and intelligence assessment, and whether today’s students are being adequately prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Sternberg joins Jonathan Supovitz, executive director of the Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE) at Penn GSE, to discuss the concept of “adaptive intelligence,” and how schools and educators can help students hone real-world problem-solving skills in the classroom.

Sternberg also discusses his forthcoming book on adaptive intelligence, and how the concept has taken on a new level of importance following one of the most challenging years in living memory.