10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

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10. Ohio Charter School’s ‘Walkabout’ Internships Give Seniors Career Know-How

Standing in a room of about 12 students in Chandni Patel’s social studies class, Ethan Frazier was nervous. Read Now

9. Grand Rapids District Lowers the Bar to Help Struggling Students Graduate

Grand Rapids Public Schools is helping out graduating seniors who may be struggling to graduate on time as a result of learning disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read Now

8. Minneapolis Teachers Hit the Picket Line, Demand a 21% Raise Over Two Years

The union is seeking significant raises for its 1,200 education support professionals and its 4,000 teachers. Read Now

7. Wisconsin School District: Parents Are Not ‘Entitled to Know’ if Their Kids Are Trans

Local school board candidates are demanding district administrators issue an apology to teachers for ‘placing them at odds with families.’ But administrators are doubling down. Read Now

6. How Outschool Won the Pandemic

Even in an era of Zoom fatigue, Outschool managed to hook a million kids on its unique classes, more than quadrupled its value, and recruited 10,000 teachers. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

Photo: RODNAE Productions/Pexels

McDERMITT: I’m a Teacher. My Position on Curriculum Transparency Might Surprise You.

There’s a debate raging in America: Should teachers be required to post their curriculum online? Read Now

5. State Test Scores Show 85% of Maryland Students Not Proficient in Math

The most recent state test scores show Maryland students experienced a stunning amount of learning loss from the Covid shutdowns. Read Now

4. Why School Choice is Roiling the GOP

Voters aggrieved by pandemic restrictions and a host of culture war issues are embracing school choice as a means to address their indignation. But that’s sparking a fight within the GOP. Read Now

3. Florida Legislature Passes Parental Rights Bill, Prohibiting Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Lessons in Kindergarten Through Third Grade

The legislation, referred to by its opponents as the “don’t say gay” bill, has stirred national controversy amid an increasingly partisan debate over what schools should teach children about race and gender. Read Now

2. California State Agency Conducted ‘Mask Raids’ at Preschools, Interviewed Children Alone

During the investigation, regulators separated children and interviewed them without familiar adults present in isolated rooms. Many Aspen Leaf parents said they believed such severe tactics were only meant to be used in child abuse investigations. Read Now

1. It’s ‘Alarming’: Pandemic School Closures Worsened the Reading Crisis in Schools

The kindergarten crisis of last year, when millions of 5-year-olds spent months outside of classrooms, has become this year’s reading emergency. Read Now

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