10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

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10. Worried That Families Will Leave the District If Given the Option, Nashville Asks State Supreme Court to Reconsider School Choice Case

Nashville Mayor John Cooper led a group of city officials Wednesday in bashing the Tennessee Supreme Court ruling that cleared the way for private school vouchers. Read Now

9. Las Vegas Teachers Get 16% Raise in Minimum Pay

Clark County School District is raising its starting teacher pay by $7,000 a year — a 16% raise — and giving current teachers a $5,000 bonus, district officials announced today. Read Now

8. Kentucky’s Largest District Approves Major Overhaul in How Students Are Assigned to Schools, Establishes ‘Choice Zones’

The Jefferson County Board of Education passed its student assignment plan Wednesday as a way to give west Louisville families more options for their children to succeed. Read Now

7. California Bill Would Allow Schools Not to Report Threats or Attacks

The California State Senate has passed a bill that would allow schools not to report threats or attacks against employees or officials to law enforcement, despite the ongoing national shock and outrage over the Uvalde, Texas, mass school shooting. Read Now

6. More Than 3,000 School Choice Applications Approved in West Virginia

A law enacted last year creates a publicly funded savings accounts program called the Hope Scholarship. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

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PARKER: The Core Conflict of Interest in Public Education

In my work on the teaching staff of a master’s level class in public policy, I am regularly dismayed by how often our students propose only governmental solutions to public problems. Read Now

5. Ohio Bill Would Mandate Self-Defense Classes in High School

Ohio students would have to take a self-defense class to graduate from high school if a bill introduced Tuesday by two House Republicans becomes law. Read Now

4. Audit Reveals Arizona Superintendent Received $1.7 Million Bonus

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cell phones and a big bonus for one educator — all of these topics were discussed during The National Desk’s “Waste of the Week” segment with Open the Books’ Adam Andrzejewski. Read Now

3. School System May Have 4,000 Materials About ‘Sex Work’ – but Parents Will Have to Pay $20,000 to See Them

The public school system in Virginia‘s capital says it may have more than 4,000 lesson plans, emails, and other materials about “sex work,” but if concerned parents want details, they will have to pay $20,000 to find out. Read Now

2. Judge Rules Fair Share Fees Unconstitutional in Pennsylvania Teachers Union Lawsuit

In a setback for public-sector unions, a consent order could upend Pennsylvania’s fair share fee laws, which require non-union workers to pay a fee similar to union dues. Read Now

1. New Biden Administration Rule Will Tie Federal Education Funding to LGBT Mandates

An upcoming Biden administration rule change will tie billions of dollars in federal education funding to an array of LGBT policies, forcing school districts and universities to implement controversial rules on issues like transgender athletes in order to receive federal funding. Read Now

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