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Some members of the EdChoice state team tell us about their experiences at two recently attended conferences.
This week on “The Learning Curve,” Gerard Robinson and guest co-host Charles Chieppo talk with Doug Lemov, author of the international bestseller, Teach Like a Champion. Doug describes how he became interested in charter schools, dating back to the late 1990s in Massachusetts, and how the sector developed into a nationally recognized success story. He discusses his experience with the Uncommon... Source
On this week’s Education Gadfly Show podcast, Checker Finn joins Mike Petrilli and David Griffith to discuss his article (co-authored with Rick Hess) in National Affairs about the bipartisan history—and uncertain future—of school reform. Then on the Research Minute, Amber Northern reviews a study on how politicized issues like Covid-19 safety measures and Critical Race Theory are affecting principals and teachers. Recommended content: ·      Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Frederick M. Hess’s article: “The End of School Reform?” National Affairs (Summer 2022).·      Michael J. Petrilli’s article on education reform: “Education reform is alive and well, even if the Washington Consensus is dead for now,” August 11, 2022.·      Daniel Buck’s article on the new education consensus: “The new education consensus is conservative, and that’s a good thing,” August 11, 2022.·      The study that Amber reviewed on the Research Minute: Ashley Woo et al., “Walking a Fine Line—Educators’ Views on Politicized Topics in Schooling,” RAND Corporation (2022).  Feedback Welcome!Have ideas on our podcast? Send them to our podcast producers Nathaniel Grossman and Lilly Sibel at and 
On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy is joined by Timothy Trainor, President of Mount St. Mary's University. Timothy shares that while he never saw himself becoming the college president of the second oldest Catholic university in America, his 33 years of service in the Army equipped him for his current role. Timothy discusses the history of Mount St. Mary's, its renowned National Shrine Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, and how the university maintains its Catholic identity.
Disruptive innovations begin on the margins and don’t penetrate the mainstream until their quality is proven to be as good, if not better, than more established models. Disruptive innovation is a term that was coined by Clayton Christensen and his colleagues back in the 1990s, and its effects have been seen in many sectors over the years, including education.  In today's episode of the LiberatED podcast, I talk with Michael B. Horn, chairman, co-founder, and a distinguished fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute in Massachusetts. He has written several books on disruptive innovation in education, and his latest book, From Reopen To Reinvent: (Re)creating School for Every Child was just released this summer. Michael serves as an executive editor at Education Next and is a venture partner at NextGen Venture Partners.  Follow Michael on Twitter @michaelbhorn.
A Post Doctoral Researcher at the Harvard Kennedy School, M. Danish Shakeel, joins Paul E. Peterson to discuss their new study, which finds that student achievement has increased since the 1970s. "A Half Century of Student Progress Nationwide" is available now at
The school choice options are endless compared to twenty years ago where Christian education alternatives such as homeschooling were viewed as unconventional and strange. More states are offering funding opportunities like education savings account programs (ESA), reallocating funds, scholarship applications, and more.   Parents are rapidly turning to these school choice opportunities as public school systems secretly implement curriculums like gender support plans and indoctrinate children on the issues of sex, gender, and race. Public education systems, teachers' unions, and secular education organizations are focused on creating diversity and pluralism within the classroom rather than instruction. Angie Hoffman is the founder of The Hearth Room Schools – a Christian Montessori school launching in Kansas City, MO in September 2022. A Montessori education is a child-focused approach that Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician, developed for educating children. Students interact with curriculum in a hands-on environment and work at their own pace. Montessori learning also emphasizes practical life skills.  Join Chris and Christine as Angie explains what exactly a Montessori education is and debunks some of the myths and assumptions parents think of when they hear Montessori. Listen and subscribe wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. If you enjoyed this episode, let us know! Rate the podcast and leave us a five-star review.  For more information about Angie and The Hearth Room Schools, visit or follow The Hearth Room Schools on Facebook. For more information about Montessori schools and accreditation, visit American Montessori International at For more information about the Herzog Foundation, visit Like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or sign-up to receive monthly email updates.  
On this episode of Anchored, Soren is joined by Daniel Foucachon, founder of Roman Roads Press and Kepler Education, and a member of the Board of Academic Advisors at CLT. Daniel discusses his childhood in France, where he and his siblings were the only homeschoolers in a city of two million. He shares that he started Roman Roads Press and Kepler Education to give parents the agency and tools to provide a classical Christian education to their children. He also discusses the meaning of classical education in relation to Western culture, the importance of the six Chinese arts, and why understanding The Aeneid is key to understanding the American story.
Members of the research team discuss the results from July's general population poll.
On this week’s Education Gadfly Show Podcast, Heather Peske, president of the National Council on Teacher Quality, joins Mike Petrilli to discuss whether the “teacher shortage” is real, what might be causing it, and whether lowering barriers to entry to the classroom is a good idea. Then, on the Research Minute, Amber Northern reviews a study that examines demographic disparities in students identified for gifted services, and whether a school-wide curricular intervention for early elementary can help.Recommended content: Heather Peske’s opinion piece: “We wouldn’t lower standards for pilot licenses—so why teachers?” National Council on Teacher Quality (July 2022).The study that Amber reviewed on the Research Minute: Angel H. Harris, Darryl V. Hill, and Matthew A. Lenard, “Promises, Pitfalls, and Tradeoffs in Identifying Gifted Learners: Evidence from a Curricular Experiment,” Annenberg Institute at Brown University (July 2022).Feedback Welcome!Have ideas on our podcast? Send them to our podcast producers Pedro Enamorado and Lilly Sibel at and
This week on “The Learning Curve,” co-hosts Cara Candal and Gerard Robinson talk with Dr. Charles Hobson, a retired resident scholar at the William & Mary Law School, 26-year editor of The Papers of John Marshall, and author of The Great Chief Justice: John Marshall and the Rule of Law. Dr. Hobson shares what students should know about the longest-serving, most important chief justice in the... Source
Our legal team gives updates on litigation and legislation happening throughout the states.