Linsey Knerl's Homeschooling Hacks

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On the latest episode of Anchored, our CEO Jeremy Tate and special Co-Host Arooba Asim sit down with Linsey Knerl, a freelance digital marketer, a homeschooling mom of six, and author of the book “Homeschooling Hacks, How to Give Your Kids a Great Education Without Losing Your Job  (or Your Mind)”. Throughout the episode, Linsey shares the tips and tricks she learned throughout her homeschooling experience. She explains that what attracted her to homeschooling was not the bureaucracy or the politics, but the desire to help her children reach their full potential by maximizing their talents. She also discusses the role classical education played in reaching that potential. Linsey ends off by discussing the various resources the internet can provide homeschooling families to further aid them on their journey.

Host: Jeremy Tate
Co-Host: Arooba Asim
Guest: Linsey Knerl