BREAKING: Dozens of Public Libraries Recommend Child Pornography to Children

Photo: Tony Kinnett

In a catastrophic bombshell, over sixty major public libraries in the United States and Canada have been recommending graphic illustrations of children engaging in sexual acts over the last five years. Published in 2014, the graphic novel Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe depicts the author’s story in dealing with gender dysmorphia, including several sexual scenes in which a child gives oral sex to an older man and the author explicitly describes (and shows) toy use during sex. 

Despite the highly disturbing content of the book, thousands of libraries added it to their shelves. As “Pride Month” began to gain more social attention in the 2010s, major libraries that serve millions of students across the United States and Canada began recommending the child pornography to middle and high school students, though in a few especially disturbing cases, libraries like the Indianapolis Public Library and the University of Nevada’s Public Library recommend Gender Queer for young elementary students. In 2020, the American Library Association awarded Gender Queer and recommended it for all American students regardless of age.

Following is the current list of major libraries that are recommending children check out the revolting Gender Queer as a “must read”: 

Many of these massive city-spanning libraries (the BCCLS Libraries of New Jersey constitute 77 distinct branches) serve millions of students and their classrooms. Many progressive teachers have begun requiring Gender Queer for their students’ in-class instruction at the request of the librarians who publish the lists.

Emily Witkowski of the Maplewood Library and Keisha Miller of the South Orange Library insist that books like Gender Queer were picked specially for use in the classrooms of Columbia High School of Maplewood, New Jersey. 

Currently, Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia and Brevard Public Schools in Florida have banned the pornographic content from their schools, after overwhelming outrage from their communities. However, these are not the only schools in the U.S. that are attempting to use the child pornography in class and school libraries. 

Further investigation has uncovered that Gender Queer is on the lesson plans and reading lists of two additional public schools: Spring Woods High School in Houston, Texas, and Joel Barlow High School of Redding, Connecticut. Spring Woods requires Gender Queer for their pre-AP English course, while Joel Barlow High School features it prominently on their summer reading lists.

Despite protests by parents, teachers, and local community groups, it is currently unclear what course of action federal and state governments will take to remove Kobabe’s child pornography from public school and public library shelves. While Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson of North Carolina recently described Gender Queer as “filth”, no legislative action has yet been taken. While we wait, the largest literature providers in the nation are highly recommending graphic sex between children and old men to every one of our students.

Tony Kinnett
Tony Kinnett is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Chalkboard Review. He is an award-winning science teacher, and the former science coordinator and head instructional coach for Indianapolis Public Schools, until he was fired for whistleblowing information concerning the school system's use of racist material. In February, he was appointed the director of the education nonprofit Choice Media, now Chalkboard Media.