10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

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10. Boston Parents Sue District Over ZIP Code-Based Admission Policy for Exam Schools

The Parent Coalition for Academic Excellence filed documents in the federal appeals court Tuesday, contending that the students met requirements for admission but were denied because the schools did not allot enough seats to their ZIP codes. Read Now

9. New Minneapolis Union Contract Language Disrupts Seniority to Protect Teachers of Color

The agreement that ended the three-week teachers strike this spring includes contract language that upends the traditional last-in, first-out hiring policies as a way to retain “members of populations underrepresented among licensed teachers.” Read Now

8. New York Charter School Networks Sue U.S. Department of Education Over ‘Promised’ Funds

Four New York charter schools and networks filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Education Monday alleging nearly $1 million in grant money was “stripped” from their classrooms. Read Now

7. Arizona Lawmakers May Expand School Choice Program to All Students

Republican House Majority Leader Ben Toma is making a late push to expand the Empowerment Scholarship Account program to all students. Read Now

6. Tens of Millions of Pennsylvania School Dollars ‘Unauditable’

Recent state audits have called attention to some Pennsylvania school districts’ lackadaisical controls that have made auditing how tens of millions of dollars were spent impossible. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

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ROWE: Here’s Why All Students Need Agency Rather Than ‘Equity’

As a charter school leader in the South Bronx for the past decade, I’ve seen what happens when resources are forcibly removed from the “privileged” and given to the “unprivileged” in the pursuit of “equity” over “equality.” Read Now

5. Spending Spree: Oversight Scarce as Billions in COVID Aid Poured Into California Schools

A CalMatters investigation found that schools had wildly different approaches to stimulus spending — from laptops to shade structures to an ice cream truck. No centralized database exists to show the public exactly where the money went. Read Now

4. Parents Flee the Public School System as Charter Schools See Surge in Enrollment

Enrollment in New York City schools is dropping while charter schools are seeing a growth in the number of students, according to a report published Wednesday by the Manhattan Institute. Read Now

3. Only 6.8% of Newark Students Score at Grade Level in Math

Newark Public Schools District Superintendent Roger León appeared before the Newark Municipal Council Education Committee on Monday where he addressed concerns regarding students in multiple grades performing far below the statewide average in proficiency in reading and math in the 2021 Start Strong assessments. Read Now

2. Report Finds More Than 12,000 Failing Grades Changed to Passing in Baltimore Schools, Governor Calls for Criminal Investigation

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is requesting a criminal investigation into what he calls “widespread grade changing practices” in the Baltimore City School system. Read Now

1. Feds Call on States to Stop Shielding Teachers Accused of Sexual Misconduct With Students

The Education Department is calling for stricter laws on the state level to prevent school systems from shielding teachers who are accused of sexual misconduct with students. Read Now

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