In Defense of the Constitution

Resurrecting the ideals upon which America was founded
United States Constitution
Wynn Pointaux, Pixabay

What unites Americans is our ideals — the balance of power, limited government, representation, equality, and liberty — enshrined in the Constitution. These ideals mediate our disputes and help us live together. They allow us to provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty for us and future generations of Americans. The Constitution details the bedrock principles of our society, outlines how we choose to govern ourselves, and bounds what that government can and cannot do. Without the Constitution, there is no America.

Our students need to have this understanding of the Constitution. That doesn’t mean we teach them an idealized American history. Our history is not perfect. There are terrible stains on it. And yet, just like her people, those are not the sum total of what America is. 

America has been more of an inspiration to the world than a warning. She has grown through the tumult of her younger years and recognized the mistakes of her adolescence. She has adapted to the challenges of her history and strives to be better. Through it all, the Constitution has been the map that has guided her transformation, and it will continue to guide us now. Our progress has been the realization of the ideals within the Constitution, not a repudiation of them.

In America, our choices determine our destiny. In this country, whether you were born rich or poor or black or white or tall or short does not matter for your future possibilities. The American Dream is for us all, and what decides our futures is how we show up.

Undeniably, some people have easier or harder roads in life, but the beginning or difficulty of one’s road does not determine its end. However, our teachers no longer tell our children the stories of valor and sacrifice by patriotic men and women willing to risk all for the cause of liberty. Our society no longer promotes the virtues on which America was founded. One by one, all of these critical cultural supports have slipped away in the name of progress. How did we lose something so fundamental as our story?

To answer those questions, we have to reflect on some hard truths. As parents and citizens we have allowed schools to become bastions of progressive ideology. Political literacy has replaced actual literacy as the purpose of America’s public schools. Schools are using programs that sound wonderful—who would not want their children to learn to manage their emotions and have empathy for others?—to weave progressive political positions into the minds of our children. How many of us were paying enough attention to know this was happening prior to COVID school closures? How many of us simply trusted “the experts” to teach our children and didn’t check?

There is no question that America is at a crossroad. There are significant cultural pressures undermining the ideas of liberty and equality upon which our country was established, and every year more voters are leaving the public school system. There are calls in our society for the restructuring of the Constitution if not its outright abandonment. Do we resurrect the ideals upon which America was founded, defend the Constitution, and fight for the America that has been a light to the world for almost 250 years? Or do we sit back and allow the forces of progressivism to destroy the Constitution and everything for which it has stood? Not making a choice is no longer a choice. Which side will you be on?

Dr. Amie Bowman
Dr. Bowman is the treasurer of the Fauquier County chapter of Moms for Liberty. A proud, patriotic American, Dr. Bowman is a mother of three boys, wife to a fantastic husband, and devoted follower of Jesus Christ.