Elias Moo On Tradition Lost and Regained in Catholic Education

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Elias Moo, one of the youngest Catholic school superintendents in the country (Archdiocese of Denver), joins Jeremy  to discuss a trend of recent years in which Catholic schools attempt to replicate a utilitarian public school model, one which increasingly dehumanizes students in its attempt to make education production-focused.  Elias makes the case that Catholic schools should be committed to the liberal arts and poses the important question to all educators: "What is the true nature and purpose of education?" He also cites Pope Pius XI's Divini Illius Magistri —"Education must prepare man for what he must be and what he must do here below in order to obtain the sublime end for which he was created," a radically different sentiment than derived from the education we see in modern American society.

Host Jeremy Tate
Guest Elias Moo @ArchDenSuper

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