Dr. Jose Torralba and Alec Ebersole on Classical Education in Spain

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On the latest episode of Anchored, Our CEO Jeremy Tate sits down with Dr. Jose Torralba and student Alec Ebersole, both from the University of Navarra, which is located in Pamplona, Spain. The founder of Navarra described his ideals for the university as “[wanting] learned men to be formed here, with a Christian understanding of life; we want this environment, suitable for quiet reflection, to cultivate science rooted in its most solid principles so that this light might shine over all the roads of knowledge.” Jeremy discusses the great books program with Dr. Torralba, which focuses on a return to the western Liberal Arts tradition in education. The University of Navarra is currently ranked among the top 100 universities in the world in five areas of the international QS ranking

Host: Jeremy Tate @JeremyTate41
Guest: Dr. Jose Torralba and Alec Ebersole