Delivering on the ‘Pittsburgh Promise’

Established in 2008 as a partnership between the City of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Public Schools, and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, The Pittsburgh Promise has since provided more than $120 million in college scholarships to eligible graduates of Pittsburgh’s public schools.

But is it working?

On this episode of Research Minutes, University of Pittsburgh School of Education researcher Lindsay Page speaks with CPRE researcher Robert Nathenson (University of Pennsylvania) about her recent study of the Pittsburgh Promise and its impacts on college enrollment and persistence.

Her study, The Promise of Place-Based Investment in College Access and Success: Investigating the Impact of the Pittsburgh Promise, was co-authored by Jennifer Iriti, Danielle Lowry, and Aaron Anthony (University of Pittsburgh). It was published in Education Finance and Policy in 2018.

Lindsay Page is an assistant professor of research methodology at the School of Education and a research scientist at the Learning Research and Development Center at the University of Pittsburgh. Her work focuses on quantitative methods and their application to questions regarding the effectiveness of educational policies and programs across the pre-school to postsecondary spectrum.

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