Cornel West On Learning How To Die

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Note: This is Part 1 of our conversation with Dr. West. Renowned public philosopher Dr. Cornel West joins Jeremy to share his insight into the current cultural moment and efforts to remove the Classics from school curricula. He discusses his famous friendship with Princeton's Robert P. George and highlights the troubles that arise when friendships hinge only on ideological agreement, and how society is fractured by conversations halted due to cancel culture. He also shares his views on the #DisruptTexts movement by exploring the distinctions that separate an education rooted in deep intellectual and moral formation from modern-day "schooling," and examines why texts rich in terms of generating conversation are being lost to polarization. Dr. West also discusses his time studying with Hans-Georg Gadamer, and shines light on conceptions of tradition and the Greek idea of paedeia, and reflects on Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy in terms of love, justice, and courage. Send questions or comments to

Host Jeremy Tate @JeremyTate41
Guest Dr. Cornel West @CornelWest