BREAKING: Sex-Ed Summer Camp Promises 7-Year-Olds Condom Demonstrations

Holding Condoms
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Ashley Robertson, “Sexuality Educator” and founder of the organization “Let’s Talk About Sex Ed with Ms. Ashley,” opened a June event called “Sex Ed Summer Camp (for grades 3-5)” to the Indianapolis community. From the event website, Ashley offers what she claims is a “positive, affirming take on puberty, human sexuality, and social emotional skills without coercive abstinence-based strategies.” Ashley plans to show students from ages 7 to 12 condom demonstrations, the gender spectrum, and “introspective discussions” on sexuality.

The event utilizes the Our Whole Lives curriculum, something Ashley says kids “NEED to learn that school doesn’t teach.”

Ashley has hosted two other virtual workshops with children recently: “Sensuality, Sex, & Orgasms” and “Potty Training & Early Sex Education.”

The “Let’s Talk About Sex Ed with Ms. Ashley” Facebook group and Instagram pages host a disturbing lineup of content, including Ashley holding up a carrot and making suggestive remarks about “pervertable objects” regarding condoms to a young audience, an animation of a condom sliding onto a banana on “National Condom Day”, and young children’s books where the children are identified as transgender and nonbinary.

On recent appearances on several podcasts and interviews, Robinson has called for parents to “safely and healthily” introduce pornography to their children.

While Ashley refused to provide any comment regarding the curriculum or activities at the sex education summer camp, she did release a statement regarding an Indiana parent group, calling them “a hate group here in Indiana. They target books, social emotional learning, LGBTQ+ folx, etc.” The restaurant hosting the summer camp has also refused comment.

The sex education summer camp is $250 per ticket, though the official event site has been locked and password protected. Children are to participate in sexual education as one, undivided group, as Ashley states “Gender is a spectrum and not a binary. Everyone needs to learn about all bodies so they can be supportive friends, partners, and parents if that happens in their futures.”

The hypersexualized curriculum and events have drawn criticism from Indiana parent groups and education media. Specifically, the page that students, parents, and teachers are encouraged to follow contains disturbing posts celebrating prostitution, transgender abortion, and other graphic imagery.

Many Indiana parents have expressed concern with several local elementary teachers and counseling staff listed as members of the public Facebook group, unsure if these individuals are using this content with their children. 

Tony Kinnett
Tony Kinnett is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Chalkboard Review. He is an award-winning science teacher, and the former science coordinator and head instructional coach for Indianapolis Public Schools, until he was fired for whistleblowing information concerning the school system's use of racist material. In February, he was appointed the director of the education nonprofit Choice Media, now Chalkboard Media.