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NEA spends little on representing members, panic over teacher shortages overblown, and more.
A textbook publisher abandons instruction for politics, homeschoolers double in nation's largest district, a third of students still below grade level, and more.
School choice on a winning streak, a manufactured charter school crisis, AGs sue over LGBTQ policies tied to lunch funds, and more.
Democrats lose ground on education, teachers reveal why they’re really leaving, test scores remain below pre-pandemic levels and more.
Teachers get millions over ‘biased’ test, union poll finds Republicans lead on education, inflation comes for the classroom, and more.
Teachers union’s agenda exposed, universal school choice signed into Arizona law, one-month dash for charter funds, and more.
SCOTUS sides with praying coach, a state reclaims the lead in educational freedom, schools price parents out of ‘public information’ and more.
A win for school choice at the Supreme Court, proposed changes to Title IX unveiled, charter students outpace district peers and more.
A $10 billion school choice proposal, parents keep kids in pods, a charter can’t force girls to wear skirts, and more.
What is the state of public education? What will public schooling look like in the next 2 years? Or 5 years? These are the questions that Chris and Christine unpack alongside their guests, Julie and Nate Brumet. Julie and Nate have both worked in public education in the state of Kansas. Like so many teachers across the nation, Nate witnessed an alarming shift in education during the COVID-19 pandemic and decided to leave the profession. He was one of the only teachers in his district willing to stand up to the local school board and voice his concerns about forced masking. His wife Julie experienced similar issues with masking while trying to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) Students how to read during the pandemic. If you enjoyed listening to Nate and Julie’s story, please leave a rating or review. If you or someone you know would like to be a guest on the show, please email Chris and Christine at For more information on Christian education, please visit   
Laws allow schools to shield sexual predators, 12,000 failing grades changed to passing in Baltimore, scant oversight of billions to schools, and more.
Biden proposal ties school lunch funds to LGBT mandates, fair share fees ruled unconstitutional, superintendent receives $1.7 million bonus, and more.