Alessandra Bocchi On “Ancient History Isn't Colonialism”

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Why do students at Brown University want to tear down statues of Marcus Aurelius and Caesar Augustus? Italian journalist Alessandra Bocchi has reported from Hong Kong, Libya, and across Europe, and she is currently the Joseph Rago Memorial Fellow at The Wall Street Journal. She joins Jeremy to discuss her recent WSJ op-ed, "Ancient History Isn't Colonialism," in which she argues that the efforts of the group Decolonization at Brown miss the mark when it comes to the Western Tradition. She also discusses differences between the Italian and U.S. secondary school systems, and Jeremy reflects on CLT's mission to reinvigorate study of the Classics in U.S. schools. Send comments or questions to

Host Jeremy Tate @JeremyTate41
Guest Alessandra Bocchi @alessabocchi
Ancient History Isn't Colonialism
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