A Billion-Dollar, Woke Industry

Photo: selensergen/iStock

For decades, tobacco companies knew their products were dangerous and could even lead to death, yet they marketed them to the public in shiny packaging with catchy ads. It worked, and that industry became a multi-billion-dollar gold mine. As more evidence surfaced about the dangers, they dug in deeper and made their advertising more appealing. They even started catering to the younger generation to ensure a future market for their products. Once the evidence became so glaring and the dangers so devastating, the ads were pulled but their goal to market their damaging and highly addictive product did not change. To this day, people buy these products knowing they are harmful and destructive.

This is similar to other products being marketed in shiny packaging with catchy ads. They are known as SEL and DEI. It has become a billion-dollar industry as well. Every day, more evidence of their destructive nature and effects are revealed. Every day the purveyors of these products dig in deeper to peddle their wares. The evidence is becoming more glaring as we witness people being refused medical treatment because of their race, students being denied equal education opportunities because of their “dominant culture”, and innocent lives being destroyed because of the anger and hatred that these products cultivate in people.

They are now catering to the younger (more impressionable) generation in order to perpetuate the “need” for their products. There will come a time when the evidence is so glaring and obvious that they will fade into the background. We would do well to remember that there will always be those who will buy what they are selling regardless of the undeniable evidence demonstrating their harmful effects and destructive nature.

Just as we encourage our children to avoid harmful tobacco products and make healthy choices, we must be intentional about teaching our children the dangers of the DEI and SEL products. Teach them to “just say no” to this highly addictive and dangerous “drug.” Teach them to recognize lies wrapped in just enough truth to be dangerous. Teach them to think critically about the narratives being pushed on them. At the same time, we must make sure the peddlers stay as far away from our children as possible.

 Parents, stay vigilant and keep fighting for education NOT indoctrination!

Beanie Geoghegan
Beanie Geoghegan is the Chapter Lead for No Left Turn in Education KY. She is a former teacher and reading interventionist and is the mother of four grown readers, writers, and independent thinkers.